Meet Ed

Who We Are


We are connectors.

We know that we can not do this work alone, but we can leverage our network to connect students to success. Ed connects people to people, students to opportunities, to dreams, to resources, and to partnerships.


We are listeners.

We are rooted in the foundation of doing things with people and not with them. This means we have to listen to the needs of our community and work with them to achieve their goals. Ed listens to the community by prioritizing the needs of students and acting upon what we learn to make a meaningful difference. As an organization, we listen to each other through check-ins, quarterly & yearly evaluations, and surveys. We listen to determine action.


We are relentless.

We are relentless in hard work, relentless in our belief, relentless in our pursuit of excellence, and relentless when it comes to ensuring students, stakeholders, and our team members are reaching their full potential. COVID-19 presented numerous challenges for Ed and our community. Now more than ever is it crucial for Ed to remain relentless in our work.


We are solution-centered.

Barriers will present themselves; however, using a strong growth mindset we will persevere. A clear vision is essential for uplifting the student as a whole. We know we do not have all the answers, however, through our values of being connectors, listeners, and relentless we will continue to strive towards finding the solutions that are needed to support our students and community.

What We Do

The Birmingham Education Foundation (Ed) is dedicated to increasing the number of students in the Birmingham City Schools that are on the path to academic excellence and life readiness. We believe that this is only possible by cultivating a diverse network of people who demand excellence for our students and inspire others to do the same.

Ed was founded to support students, educators, and families served by Birmingham City Schools and our vision has always been to do that in alignment, in conversation, and in partnership with them. We want to hold ourselves accountable for asking questions and engaging directly with our constituents to ensure our work is aligned with what they say. 


Why we do it


Because we believe deeply committed relationships across lines of difference can change everything. Because we believe in the potential of our kids and the potential of our city. Because we know our students will be successful if we give them the opportunity to do so. Because they deserve our support. Because Birmingham’s future depends on it. Because it is our life’s work.


How we got here


In July of 2007, the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham began reaching out to communities served by the Birmingham City Schools (BCS) to better understand, give voice to the challenges that our students and families face every day, and find the answers to two key questions:

  1. “What kind of community do you envision for the future?”

  2. “What kind of schools do we need to get us there?”



Where we’re going


We won’t stop until all of the students in the Birmingham City Schools receive an education that supports them and their needs. We will work to ensure students have access to the resources and opportunities that empower them to be their best now and for years to come.